Case Study - Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL )

Reliance industries is one of the largest company in the world and today has a market capitalisation of Rs 14,24,795.13 crore, but you will be suprised to know that it was started by the single man with few thousands of rupees. So, today I discuss with you about billion dollars case study of 'Reliance Industries'.This will help you to know how planes are successful implemented in a business.

This 'Case Study' is divided in to three phrase that is :- 
1). Pre - period,
2). Current - period and
3). Post - period.

1). Begging of 'Reliance'.

Dhirubhai Ambani started reliance on 1966. He was born in December 28, 1932 
 His father was a school teacher in a small town of Gujrat called 'Chorwad' but he was not intrested in studies therefore he left his studies after completing class 10th and then he went to Aden ( Yemen ) and start working in a gas station . After spending 8 years in Aden he came back to Mumbai ( India ) and started his own business, with the name of 'Reliance Commercial corporation' and start trading in spices and polyester yarn. After getting expertise in both sector, he started his own brand called ' Vimal ' but he doesn't get good respond to the wholesales. So, he decide to sell directly to customer and get good respons. In 1986 he shifted to South Mumbai and he mainly know for his business or communication skills. In 1977-78 Dhirubhai Ambani came with Reliance's IPO, during that period Reliance IPO was oversubscribed 7 times. After IPO, he start diversifying his  different businesses such as :- oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, garments and retail. In 2002, Reliance was the first Indian company to feature in 'Fortune 500' list and Dhirubhai Ambani was ranked 138th riches man in the world but he died on 6 July, 2002. At the time of his death the market capitalisation of 'Reliance' is Rs 198905, so you can see the value delivered by Dhirubhai Ambani to 'Reliance' and it's shareholders.

2). Mid - age of 'Reliance'

After the death of Dhirubhai Ambani and several differences between the founder's two son, Mukesh and Anil Ambani, the group was divided between them in 2006. 

Mukesh Ambani get :-  
1).  Reliance Industries and IPCL.
2). Petrochemicals
3). Oil and gas
4). Refining Textiles.

Whereas Anil Ambani get :-
1). Reliance telecommunications
2). Reliance Energy.
3). Reliance capital.

Mukesh Ambani loved the telecom industry, but was unable to enter each other's industry due to Non- competition clause between the two brothers. But when this clause ended in 2010, at the time Mukesh Ambani planned to start 'Jio' with 4G connection 7 years of hard work, he finally started ' Jio ' in 2017 with the capital of Rs 2.5 lakh crore. He used the latest technology in Jio and gave free calls, SMS, roming and data and became first Indian company to provide free service to its customers for 6 months and after that period of time they charged a very low price from its customers. Today, the market share of Jio is 31.3 % with a average revenue per user is Rs 140.3. In recent month Reliance Industries has rise various investment's worth of Rs 100k + Cr and it also raise Rs 53,124 Cr through rights issue, which has over subscribed by 1.59 times.

List of investment's are mention below :-
Reliance investment's

With this money 'Reliance' will invest it in various businesses and plan to become net debt free. Jio and Google are entering into a partnership in which Google is the strategic partner of Jio and they both build an android - based smartphone operating system. 

Jio also ties to WhatsApp through which people will be able to shop directly from WhatsApp.

They also bought future group in worth of Rs 24,173 Cr because to increase its arms in retail industry.

3). Future plans of 'Reliance'.

After the success of Reliance Jio and Reliance retail. Mukesh Ambani to expand its activities in various field and present various products at its 44th annual general meeting.

List of products are mention below :- 
1). Jio glasses.
2). Jio fiber.
3). Jio TV.
4) Jio phone.

Conclusion :- 
If the Reliance industries works according to plan, then one day it will be in the list of word's top 10 companies.


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