India Vs China 2020 ⚠️

This India vs China war would be very different from the battle we fought in 1962. Let's see the support of both countries, arms and nuclear power and who will win between China vs India

This information is collected for various sides such as :- 

1).  India Vs China military strength

A). India 

No of active soldiers :- 14,44,500
Nuclear bomb :- 140 - 150
Rank in the world :- 4th rank 

India is the most powerful nation in the world , which holds 4th position in the most powerful army in the world . Recently , India purchase 21 MiG - 29 and 12Su- 30 MKI from Russia , act as a brahamastra in India Vs china war . Link of the best weapons of India are mention below :-

B). China

No of active soldires :- 20,35,000
Nuclear bomb :- 290 
Rank in the world :- 3rd rank

Chinese army is the 3rd most powerful army in the world and china has world's most advanced weapon system . China have world most powerful weapons of Chinese army are :-

2). India Vs china 2020 support

       India                     -                 China
    Maldives                                Pakistan
    Russia                                   North Korea
    Israel                                       Nepal
    South Africa
    South Korea

3). India Vs China 2020 who will win

If war will hold between India and China then there are various factors which will decide who will win the battle . Let see some of the factors with there reason :-

A). Military power :-  China ( because
                                        due to number of
                                        there active
                                         soldiers )

B). Weapons :- China ( because due to
                              there highly technical
                             weapons )

C). Other countries support :- India 
                                                      ( because                                                        due to there 
                                         good relationships
                                          with other 
                                           countries )

Conclusion :- Which country is more powerful and how will win is doesn't matter because in the end the war doesn't give benefit to both the  countries, but it affect many innocent people .

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