How to invest in stock market in India 💹

Many people want to start investing in stocks but they don't know how to invest in stocks . So, today I tell you to how a person can start investing in only 3 steps and this data is collected from some of the best books and magazines .

Steps are mention below :-

Step 1 ). Selection of a Broker

The first step in the process of investing is select a broker . Broker - basically broker is a person who invest your money in stock market on the behalf of you . Basically there are two types of broker :-
1) Discount brokers
They are those types of brokers who doesn't provide any information , advice and any other investment service where as they allow there Clint's to only buy and sell their securities . Therefore they doesn't charge any commission .

Best discount brokers in India :-

2) Full time broker
 They are those types of brokers who provide you all type of service which are require to analyse a stock . But they charge commission on it . 

#tip1) if you are beginner in stock market go with discount brokers because they charge no commission 

Step 2 ). Open D- mate account

After selecting a broker the next step is to open a D - mate account with your broker .
For opening a D - mate account you need several documents such as :-
1) Adhare card ( registered with phone
                               number )
2) Pan card
3) Bank account
4) Power of attorney

After submitting that documents you have to pay Rs 300 only ( as an account opening fee ) . After completing these process you D - Mate account is opened

Step 3 ). Start trading

After the opening of D - Mate account you can start trading in stock market and select stocks according to you choice . After placing an order broker issue a contact note within 24 hours . This note contain details of numbers of shares bought or sold . After 2 days of placing order your share will be transferred to your D - Mate account .

Best stock market analyst tool :-
You can use this stock analyst tool to analyse any public company

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