Careers in 2020

The population of the world is 7.2 billion and 70% of the world population is employees , it implies 50 billion of the people are employed . But when a person want to do something he /she face difficulty in - what to do ? So , today I am talking about various careers which a person can do in 2020 and earn a good amount
of money

List of some of the best careers are mention below :- 

1). Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is the process of visual communication means create and combine symbol , images and text for visual representation. 

Work - create logs
              design 3D walls 
              design video games 

Some images of graphic designing :- 

2). Web designing

Web designing refers to the designing of web sites using HTML , java script and CSS which are displayed on the Google or other search engine. 

Name of some popular websites :- 

3). Musician

Generally musician is a person who play musical instruments and compose music sound in the shows or albums. 

Some of the famous musicians :-
1). Ravi Shankar
2). Goldie
3). AR Rahman
4). Felix Jaehn

4). Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a person who united all factor of production ( land , labour , capital etc ) to undertake some venture and thereby earn profit from it . 

Name of some biggest venture :- 

1). Amazon
2). Google
3). Reliance Jio
4). Zomato

5). Freelancer

Freelancer is a person who provide  various types of services to companies such as writting , designing and work on the base on number of hours , days and month. 

Best freelancing websites :-

6). App Developer

An App development is a process by which an app is develop for mobile devices and it also include creating , testing and programming apps for computers , tablets and mobile phones 

Some of the app developers :-
1). Ionic
2). Adobe Phone Gap
3). Onsen UI
4). Meteor

7). Copy Writing

Copy Writing refer to the process of writing advertisment , emails , speeches , creating tagling for various businesses

Best copy writing channel on YouTube :-

8). Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking refers to the activities performed by a companies or individual to help an identity or potential threat on computers 

Best ethical hacking course :-

9). Consultant

Consultant refers to the person or group of individual who guide to the businesses and companies in various activities like in the field of marketing , sales , finance etc 

Some of the biggest consultants :-
TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services )

10). Photography

Photography is the art of creating image of an object by using light and electromagnetic radiation . Photographer is a person who do brand photo shops , celebrity photo shops etc

Types of Photography :- 

1). Wedding Photography
2). Product Photography
3). Fashion Photography
4). Architecture Photography
5). Wildlife Photography

Recommendation :- choose your career wisely because it will decide your future 

Thank you
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