Banking service

The world is incomplete without banks and their servicers . So, today I discuss some of the most of the most important servicers provided by banks which help a person to run their common life 

1). Bank Draft

A bank draft is a financial instrument with the help of which money can be send from one person to another from one place to another. A bank draft can be obtained after depositing the required amount in the bank. The bank also charge some commission for issuing the bank draft.

2). Bank Overdraft

It is the most common & convenient method of bank lending. In this method a customer who maintain a current account which the bank, is allowed to withdraw more than the balance in the account. Bank provide overdraft facility on the security on some asserts and also charge interest on it.

3). ATM ( Automatically Teller Machine )

An ATM is a self service terminal performing teller job  ( to count the money before giving it to you ) at lower cost. A customer can withdraw a limited amount of money from ATM with the use of debit card.

4). Debit card 

Debit cards are issued by the bank to the account holder. A debit card holder can purchase goods from retail and makes payment through it and also withdraw a limited amount of money through his/her account with the help of ATM

5). Credit cards 

A credit cards are issued by the bank to its customers, but the credit card is different from  debit card. With credit card a customer purchase goods and services by his credit card up to his credit limit ( fixed by the bank ), which depends on the credit worth of the customer and bank also charge some intrest on credited amount. 

6). Internet Banking

It is defined as banking services provided by banks over internet . Payments of bill, funds, etc. Banks also deliver their latest products and services over internet.

7). Mobile Banking 

Now-a-days, we can also use banking on our mobile. Mobile Banking allows customers of banks to perform banking transactions ( like funds transfer, checks, account balance, pay bills, etc ) through mobile device

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