How to earn money in India for students 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓🤑

Most students want to earn money for some extra pocket money but they are unable to do . So , today I would discuss with you some of the best ways to earn money in student age . 

Method of earning are mention below :- 

1).  Blogging

Blogging is a type of artical writing in which you can publish your content on Google . In blogging you can writing on any topic in which you are interested for example if you are interested in food then you can start you food blog and post article on it and after a period of time , when people like you content you can start earning . In blogging people can earn up to $100 - $60,000 per month 

Know all about blogging :-

2).  YouTube 

Even every people in the world must know about YouTube and this is the biggest platform for the teen-agers but the biggest confusion in the mind of a person is how they earn on YouTube ? So , YouTube generally pay you on the ads basis , it mean you can payed on the no of ads on you video . But it is dependent on numbers of views on your videos . A person can earn up to $100 - $10,000 per video ( depends upon numbers of views )

3). Investing

Today many people are aware about this topics but unable to do so because there parents tell them be aware of stocks . But believe me this is the best earning option for any student . A student can create their own wealth in stocks but the one of the most important element you require in field of investing is patients and you can make $100 - Billon dollars in investing by selecting good stocks

How to invest in stock market :-

How to analyse a stock :-

4).  Call Centers 

In this type of job you can employee in a company as call picker and you duty is to explain company policy and clear the doubts of customer . This type of job a person never want to do because it is a full time job with a minimum salary and low growth opportunities . A person can earn up to $100- $500 per month

5).  Affiliate marketing

It is a type of profession in which you can sell a product of  company and you are paid on the bases of numbers of product you sell of that company for example if you can sell an online courses of  'abc' company and that company will pay you $5 per product sell by you . So , in that case you earning will dependent on the numbers of product you sell.

Statement  :- " Money is not goal "
                        " Freedom is the goal "

All do those work in which you fell happy and free 

Thank you
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