What is blogging in 2020 👩‍💻

Many people want to start blogging but don't know :- what it is ? How to start ? and how to make money ? So , Today i would answer your all the questions related blogging and tell you how to make money .

A)What is blogging ?

Before you start anything you must have some knowledge about it . So, blogging is a type of article writing in which you can post your content on Google for example if you are intrested in food dishes so you can start your food blog and if you are intrested in travelling then you can start your travelling blog .

B).  How to start a blogging ?

After knowing what blogging is , now if you want to start blog , you can do it in just 3 steps . Which are mention below:-

Step 1).  Select a blog title

So , first you have to select a blog topic in which you are intrested and having  expetise . Some of the topics are mention below in which you can select any one .

1). Food blog.
2). Fashion blog.
3). Lifestyle blog.
4). Personal blog.
5). Travelling blog.
6). Educational blog.
7). Music blog.
8). Sports blog.
9). Car blog.
10). Real estate blog.

Step 2).  Buy a domain

After selecting a topic of your blog .  The next step is to buy a domain .Domain is a web address , such as Google .com that is linked to an IP address. When someone search your domain you page display and you can easily buy domain from any domain registrar such as Go daddy and start our website in a second .


Step 3). Sign in into bloggers

After buy a domain , You have to create your account in bloggers or word press and after creating your bloggers or wordpress account , first step you have to do is  connect your domain with your bloggers or wordpress account and after this step you can start your blog . But generally bloggers is free but wordpress is paid

#tip1) if you are a beginner , you must go with blogger because wordpress is paid


C).  How to make money in blogging ? 

After 20-25 posts , when you realise your blog is mature and now visitors are like to read you articles . At that time you can apply for Google AdSense which place ads on your blog and you can earn money . By the way you can earn up to $100 - $60,000 per month  depend upon your blog post and no of visitors

Recommendation :- In field of blogging you must have patience because without patience you don't do anything .

Thank you
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